Providing natural solutions

While continuing in  the spirit of the founder of "valuing originality and providing things that lead to happiness '', we are openly challenging new possibilities in all areas of corporate activities and continuing to innovate without interruption. It is a company organy.

We have high expectations for the power of plants, such as herbs, herbal medicines, and herbal medicines from ancient Japan. We will continue to create new value and products that meet your needs in related fields and contribute to your happy future.



Japan's first skincare series with Cannabidiol, "LUXZ CBD PLUS", which is effective for people who suffer from transparency and aging care measures
■ Moisture rich lotion
A lotion that gives the skin, which tends to be disturbed with age, firmness, moisture and transparency, complements the barrier function of the skin itself, and leads to trouble-free skin power and fresh skin.
■ Hybrid cream
Contains abundant advanced beauty ingredients CBD, growth factors (EGF, FGF), NMF, and various ceramides. A cream that combines the two functions of moisturizing power of beauty cream ingredients and barrier power to prevent moisture evaporation of beauty oil ingredients.



"rise" is a safe domestic production. In addition, the CBD content test and the pesticide residue, heavy metal, and microbial test by the Japan Cannabinoid Association have cleared the standards and obtained certification. The CBD certification mark is proof of certain quality. Please try this quality. rise has been making prototypes for a long time and pursuing the reduction of the difficulty of drinking which is a full spectrum issue by adding carefully selected natural flavors without adjusting the ingredients. We have three flavors: Blood Orange, Mint and Lemon.

Supplement for Pets


We humans, mammals such as dogs and cats make substances called cannabinoids in our bodies. Although this substance has an important role in regulating the body's regulatory functions, it becomes difficult to maintain health and maintain immunity if secretion capacity decreases due to stress or aging. If you can't notice the changes in your precious pets ... can you recover the reduced cannabinoids? The answer was in the world of plants. It has been found that hemp (industrial hemp) -derived CBD has the ability to externally supplement cannabinoids that have been reduced in the body, and health foods and cosmetics containing CBD are attracting worldwide attention. VigoPet is a pet-specific CBD oil developed for dogs and cats with a concentration and composition that can be used by any age. Fill your pets with cannabinoids and support healthy daily life.

Sales of cosmetics and food ingredients

We also sell cosmetics and food ingredients, and wholesale various products. Please feel free to contact us.